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What if you had the financial freedom to work less, relax, and take holidays when and where you want to?

Financial security and freedom is one of the areas of your life of which you MUST take charge and not rely heavily on others. However creating wealth or income through shares is not a one off event; it’s a disciplined approach to creating one of the most important parts of your life – financial freedom.

Too many people listen to media commentators or brokers with vested interests when making their most crucial investing or trading decisions – and THAT can be financial suicide.

The path to financial freedom is a continuous process of learning and growth that involves a combination of education, support, and a supportive peer group so that you may thrive in any market conditions.

Our business has been structured to provide those elements for traders or investors at any stage of their journey, whether that is ‘just starting out and I know nothing yet’ to ‘I’m experienced in shares and I want that extra edge’.

The personalised service is tailored to the needs of our community which we connect with both face to face and online regularly (you never feel alone in our environment).

I am happy to discuss ANYTHING about shares, so just drop me a line at consult@specialistshareeducation.com.au and we’ll arrange a time to chat.

We have built a Share Wealth Club where a community of successful traders and investors get together monthly to learn and develop their wealth building skills. Guests are very welcome to come along and see if it’s right for them. Click here to register your interest in attending.

Our Share Trading and Investing Programs decode the myths and methods of building wealth through shares. Specialist Share Education’s programs are structured in a simple step by step format to get you trading profitably in the Australian Share Market in a very short period of time and also guide you in building your wealth over the longer term, using the right strategies and tools for the market conditions – we are there beside you every step of the way.

We adopt a proven and successful approach to building your cashflow and wealth

  • Comprehensive initial skills training and mentored support to get you started
  • Clear step by step plans & strategies which you tailor to your circumstances
  • Comprehensive live, webinar and video based sessions to provide ongoing education and keep you focused on your goals
  • Because we know you probably don’t have the time, or the inclination to do the research yourself, we do it for you every day
  • Opportunity to engage in an informed and focused group of wealth builders

You will continue to build on your knowledge as you gain experience and our approach is for you to start with small low-risk steps to build familiarity and confidence.

The smart people learn from others who are already where they wish to be – Garry has been there, made the mistakes, learnt from them and now delivers his knowledge with a mission to guide as many people as he can to financial freedom using shares as a vehicle.

I am happy to discuss ANYTHING about shares, so just drop me a line at consult@specialistshareeducation.com.au and we’ll arrange a time to chat.

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