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Portfolio Analyst

Are there stocks you own or are considering buying, but you’re just not sure how to assess their true value and work out the right time to buy or sell?

What if a professional trader and fund manager could do the legwork for you?

Imagine how much more informed and effective your trading and investing decisions would be...

Plus, in our group format you'll get access to new stock opportunities put forward by other members, which are validated by a professional with clear buy and sell parameters in place.

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Learn how to be a successful trader or investor

Creating the right environment for traders and investors to be successful is the cornerstone of what we do, and to our knowledge the level of support and guidance that Garry provides is unparalleled in the industry. It’s hard to find a personal mentor you can email or just call whenever you feel uncertain and would like a sounding board, but Garry welcomes your call.

The education and recommendations you will receive as members of the group give you the ability to profit as you develop your skills, with a focus on minimizing the risks that come with trading and investing.

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alpha global trading fund

Let me do it for you

The Alpha Global Trading Fund was formed to help investors take advantage of higher probability growth opportunities wherever they may be around the world. The local market is so small and limited compared to the opportunities and much better investment value outside of Australia. Unlike almost all other funds, you get direct access to the fund manager, Garry Davis, and can speak with him directly about any aspect of the fund’s operation and strategy.

The fund focuses on stocks which are just starting, or are in bull market phases and which offer excellent value relative to their growth in earnings A few of these are in Australia but the majority are in America. It was launched in July 2014 and is a Managed Investment Account Service where each member has their funds visible to them individually and in real time.

The target return for the fund is 20% per annum after fees. This is not a guarantee of performance but reflects the active style of investment management undertaken on behalf of members.

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