Dynamic Investors

So many factors are making it harder to adequately fund a comfortable retirement. We are living much longer and require a lot more money plus stock markets have not been kind in recent years if you invest like most people do. For those already in, or close to retirement, interest on deposits have fallen sharply and look set to stay down for a while and looming on the horizon is the threat of significant inflation given the policies of Central Banks. In short investors are being squeezed from many angles – there is a need to take a different approach which is suited to today’s world.

The market has changed so much in the last 5 to 10 years that most older and commonly accepted practices are just not relevant anymore and in fact can be really disadvantageous for your wealth if you stay with them. Buying and holding a diversified portfolio of household names is a prime example. This is still promoted by the industry as a safe and secure way to invest but the performance of the major funds over the last decade reveals this has been a very substandard strategy. However there is an approach which has stood the test of time brilliantly and will keep working into the future because it is based on sound business principles. Great businesses endure because they have an economic buffer that surrounds them and this comes through in consistent long term financial performance.

The Dynamic Investor Program has been designed to provide a reliable, lower risk approach to generating above average returns. Some people think those two objectives are at odds, but producing outstanding returns from truly great businesses is something Warren Buffett and other great investors have done for many decades. The process is simple when one understands the blueprint of how to do it. However the potential weakness in the chain is the investor’s emotional control and that is why our program is built heavily around ongoing support and mentoring for our members. We are without peer in Australia in terms of the level of personal support and guidance we provide.

You also have the opportunity to get together with our community at our monthly Share Wealth Club sessions, where you will receive education, support and the opportunity to work on your wealth building strategy, and keeping you accountable on your journey to a secure financial future.

The blueprint encompasses several elements to produce both capital gains & regular income from the investment portfolio. Where we place our emphasis at any point in time is dynamic because the world and financial markets are certainly that way now. There is an initial online training program so that members have a clear understanding of Garry’s philosophy and strategies. There is an induction program available for members who are very new to the market to ensure that they have fully understood the training content and know exactly how to implement the buying and selling recommendations.

The ongoing service includes the following;

  • A combined video and written report which is distributed at the beginning of every month which updates current investments and potential recommendations;
  • A mid-month webinar  is held to further review current and potential positions, and also for you to ask questions about those stocks, or your own personal investments
  • An active model portfolio which is tracked and reported so that there is no confusion about what investments, what entry price, and any exiting requirements;
  • Email recommendations are sent out in between sessions with specific entry and exit requirements, so you can be sure that you are always getting in and out at the right time
  • Email support relating to any question or stock that you wish to ask. The majority of questions are answered within minutes but we do provide a guaranteed 24 hour response time.
  • Monthly Share Wealth Club sessions which are an important ongoing education and analysis environment where we you can work on your plan to grow wealth through shares.

There are two elements to really successful investing. The first is a great deal of research according to our blueprint formula and ongoing monitoring that precedes the specific investment recommendations. The second relates to good market timing which comes from our expertise in understanding how crowd behaviour produces predictable patterns in the price of stocks. So we determine precisely the stocks we wish to own and the price which we are prepared to buy them at and we wait until that opportunity arrives. This is a process of only buying great value that we adhere to and it pays off handsomely.

I am happy to discuss ANYTHING about shares, so just drop me a line at
consult@specialistshareeducation.com.au and we’ll arrange a time to chat.