Dynamic Investor Program

dynamic investor programThere is an absolute mountain of information out there for investors to tap into. There are wildly conflicting opinions and then there are those that are trying to make a name for themselves by making outlandish calls of major tops in the market. They have been consistently wrong for a very long time and listening to them would have been one of the most costly things you could ever do with the US stock market having risen by 300% just since the GFC. Smart investing is quite straightforward, we seek to buy when stocks are out of favour and to take profit when they become too popular and over-priced. There are some rules to observe but the main one is to just “trade what you see and not what you think”. However, because of the information overload it is challenging for investors to execute confidently and consistently and that’s where we can help.

Investors are aware these days that they have to provide for a much longer life in retirement and when that is combined with the ultra-low interest rates that appear as though they are going to be with us for a very long time, it requires a new approach. Investors around the world have been forced into taking higher risks for smaller returns which is a really poor formula and one that will periodically lead to grief. It also seems inevitable that a major financial system reset will occur in the future and that is something that is best avoided especially by those in retirement or closer to it.

Buying and holding a traditionally diversified portfolio of stocks for a long period is likely to produce poor or even negative returns in the future.

However there is an approach which has stood the test of time brilliantly and that is to buy expanding businesses with strong financial fundamentals, to buy them when they are under-valued, and to buy them after a sell down has occurred. Great businesses endure because they have an economic buffer and this comes through in consistent long term financial performance.

The Dynamic Investor Program has been designed to provide a reliable, lower risk approach to generating above average returns.

Mainstream thinking is that a higher return requires a higher risk. If one is invested fully in the traditional diversified manner that may be a partially true statement. However it is equally possible to change the equation significantly to produce stronger returns and actually take less risk. This requires an element of timing the market according to the economic cycles and price patterns, but it is not rocket science if you have someone to show you the way.

The blueprint encompasses several elements to produce both capital gains & regular income from the investment portfolio. Where we place our emphasis at any point in time is dynamic because the world and financial markets are certainly that way now. There is an initial online training program so that members have a clear understanding of Garry’s philosophy and strategies. There is an induction program available for members who are new to the group to ensure that they know how best to apply the recommendations.

The ongoing service includes the following:

  •   A combined video and written report which is distributed at the beginning of every month which updates current investments and potential recommendations;
  •   A mid-month video update is distributed to further review current and potential positions, and you are encouraged to ask questions about the portfolio which Garry can cover;
  •   An active model portfolio which is tracked and reported so that there is no confusion about what investments, what entry price, and any exiting requirements;
  •  Australian and US stock analysis one of the keys to profiting in a low risk manner, is to trade the strongest trends, in the strongest markets in the world. The process to trade in global markets is much simpler than you may think;
  •  Email recommendations are sent out in between reports with specific entry and exit requirements, so you can be sure that you are always getting in and out at the right time;
  •   Phone and Email support relating to any question or stock that you wish to ask;
  •   Share Wealth Club sessions which are an important ongoing education and analysis environment where we you can work on your plan to grow wealth through shares.

There are two elements to really successful investing. The first is a great deal of research to identify the stocks that have a high probability to do well over the next few years and to establish a fair valuation.  The second relates to good market timing which comes from our expertise in understanding how crowd behaviour produces predictable patterns in the price of stocks. So we determine precisely the stocks we wish to own and the price which we are prepared to buy them at and we wait until that opportunity arrives.

Membership to the Dynamic Investor Program is $150 inc GST per 30 days, and there is no lock-in contract if you decide it’s not for you. When you join you get immediate access to everything we have to offer.

If this service sounds right for you, we would invite you to have a chat with Garry over the phone to ensure you can make a well informed decision about your financial future.

Just drop me a line at consult@specialistshareeducation.com.au and we’ll arrange a time.