Alpha Global Trading Fund

alpha global trading fund
The overwhelming signs are that interest rates are going to stay low for an extended period of time, which leaves many investors in a difficult position. How to generate an attractive return without taking uncomfortable or unacceptable risks?

The world is changing rapidly and financial markets have become drastically distorted by the policies of Central Banks and that is unlikely to change any time soon. This will inevitably lead to periods of significant volatility and this will create stress for many investors. However one thing never changes and that is investors desire to own financially stable companies that deliver predictable earnings streams. Companies which can deliver such stability and predictability have several traits in common which have been exploited by the world’s greatest investors over the decades.

Garry’s approach has been to adapt those successful formulas to suit today’s rapidly evolving conditions, and the key focus is to invest as safely as possible while seeking to generate above average returns.

How the fund operates 

The fund is structured as an individual account based fund where you establish an account in your name on the platform we use with Interactive Brokers. You may login and view all aspects of your account in real time so it is like operating your own fund but all the buying and selling is done for you.

The fund seeks to buy according to a value-based and chart-based formula wherever those stocks may be in Australia or the US.

  • Your account requires a minimum investment of $20,000
  • Deposits can be made in $5,000 multiples
  • Withdrawals can be made in $1,000 multiples
  • A single admin fee of 1.25% pa + gst. There are no other fixed fees
  • Brokerage is charged at rates normal for online broking platforms
  • The fund manager, Garry Davis, is rewarded via a performance fee based on net profit after fees of 18% + gst. This is based on the increase in value of the account over a given quarter and surpassing the prior high water mark (the value when the last performance fee was calculated) taking into consideration any investments or withdrawals from the account. This means that Garry’s interests are completely aligned with your own

If this sounds like a good fit for you, I would invite you to have a chat with me over the phone to ensure you can make a well informed decision about your financial future.

Just drop me a line at and we’ll arrange a time.